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NVIDIA GeForce 8400gs errors

Have Been running this for several years with no problems on Windows XP. It has now been stuck on lowest resolution and won't let me change it, as well has yellow lines running through the screen. Windows says it is not working properly (code 43) and I did a clean install of current driver, but this did not change anything. Any ideas? Is the graphics card shot?
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  1. With what little info you provide, I'd say yes. Sounds like it's failing.
  2. Sorry its not a lot of info, I am not that knowledgeable about these things and don't know what info to provide. I have a feeling it is beyond repair, just maybe wanted some confirmation before spending a lot of money. Thanks.
  3. it is possible the gpu is dying. did you have other pc to tru your 8400GS? if the card exhibit the same behavior on another pc then its time to get new card.
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    If you don't need more graphics power than the 8400 GS provides, you can replace it for around $30.
    Or you can spend that same amount on newer technology.

    On the otherhand, you could try one more thing with the old card. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both. Uninstall the driver again. Boot into safe mode (tap F8 at bootup). Run Driver Sweeper and have it look for remnants of the old NVIDIA GRAPHICS driver to remove. Reboot. Install the latest driver again. But I'm betting it's the card failing.
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