I finished my first built computer...but win7 sleep issue..please help

Hi all,

I just finished building my first computer yesterday (thank you for your recommendations on my build last week). Everything seems to be working just great, except when I put my computer in sleep mode.

Here is my issue: When I put my computer to sleep, it works fine. When I try to wake it up, it powers on for a brief second and then shuts down. The only way to get it back on is by pressing the power button and (not sure if this is helping) spamming a key on my keyboard to wake it up. I just want to know how to set it up so when i hit a key on my keyboard it will wake up with no issues. Side notes: I have disabled hybrid sleep mode and clicked the box to allow keyboard to wake computer.

Please help. Thank you.
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  1. i should mention that when i press the power button again it's just resetting my computer..not actually waking up from sleep
  2. Post your system specs please(mobo model, processor, etc) could be some sort of driver issue, but unless we know what it is, no idea what to look for :-)
  3. i5 2500k, asus sabertooth p67, corsair hx750 psu, gskill ripjaw x 8gb 1600, crucial 256gb ssd, coolermaster hyper 212+ cpu cooler, evga gtx 570 sc. I downloaded and installed all the most recent mother drivers (chipset, lan, usb, audio) and gpu driver from nvidia.
  4. more information: when I put the computer to sleep, then to wake it up: hit my spacebar on keyboard: the flashing power LED then goes out. I then press the power button on PC..it briefly turns on and then turns off. When i hit the power button again it is booting up and i have to select start windows normally
  5. I would update the firmware on your SSD and update the Bios on your MOBO. I read a lot of posts about people having sleep/waking issues with crucial SSD's
  6. interesting, will try. i just found a huge thread on this issue on the asus forums (>400 replies). it seems to be a very common issue with the asus sabertooth p67. we'll see if the updated firmware for the ssd fixes it. if not, ill just live without sleep i guess lol
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