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I need to find out the antenna gain of the WLAN cards in my laptop and phone, as well as the transmitted signal power.
I have an Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG in my laptop and an Atheros AR6003 in my phone. Can someone help me with this?

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  1. Since nobody answered me I tried to compute the gain myself, but I've reached a dead end again.

    I found that the unknown gain of an antenna can be computed with the formula:

    Gain [dBi] = ReferenceGain [dBi] + (MeasuredLevel [dBm] - ReferenceLevel [dBm] )

    The notations are:

    Gain - unknown gain (of laptop or phone antenna)
    ReferenceGain - gain of a reference antenna
    MeasuredLevel - signal strength (in dBm) from the antenna of unknown gain
    ReferenceLevel - signal strength (in dBm) from the reference antenna, measured in the same conditions as MeasuredLevel

    I've used a reference antenna with a 3 dBi gain.

    My values are:
    ReferenceGain = 3 dBi
    MeasuredLevel = -75 dBm
    ReferenceLevel = -39 dBm

    and after the computations the gain is Gain=-33 dBi (negative gain !!!)

    I don't think these results are correct.

    Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?
    Or even better can someone tell be the gain of these antennas?

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