Question about the material between IHS and cores in LGA2011 chips.

Hi guys ,
I am wodnering if anyone knows what is the material used as TIM between the IHS and cores in Sandy Bridge - E - especiall in 3930K. Is it Indalloy or thermal paste ? Or maybe something else ?
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  1. Hello izajasz;

    I haven't seen much discussion on Sandy Bridge-E. Indalloy (or similar) would be the leading candidate.

    You've probably heard some of the Sandy Bridge vs Ivy Bridge buzz:
    Ivy Bridge Temperatures Could Be Linked To TIM Inside Integrated Heatspreader: Report
  2. Yes , ive heard about ivy bridge have this thermal paste isntead of indalloy thats why im curous about sandy Bridge E : D
  3. Just a guess on my part - but if it was anything other than Indalloy we probably would have heard about it by now. The extreme enthusiast crowd is usually pretty up to speed on those details.
  4. Maybe. i ve searched on google for any info about this but i only managed to find 1 link where the guy posted a photo with IHS already taken off and he doesnt mention anything about what was used (or maybe i had a blind eye). You can look at it here :
  5. I think that's an IVB chip there. With the thermal compound removed.

    Had the same google experience - nothing much out there.
    Except when I googled Indalloy Sandy Bridge-e - and got your topic as the first link.
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