Good build for the price?

Was browsing the barebones kits to see what they had for deals, found this for 260$:

i know i would have to buy another memory stick, or sell the one it comes with and buy a set of 2x2gb since i dont think i can use just one stick, and video card comes later on, ill probably get a 50-70$ one later on. OS ill buy an OEM windows XP to save some money as well.

and this for 300$:

it has a PSU with the case, i think the same situation with the RAM, and OS, both kits have special deal ending on the 31st, so if i get one it would have to be soon, ill look at what newegg has today.
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  1. wait, i noticed a lot of kits with athlon IIs only have one stick of memory, arent athlons dual channel? or will it work with just one stick?
  2. No and NO!
    What is your budget and what do you plan to do with the computer? Games? Are you upgrading or building new? Have any older parts you can use?
    Both of those builds are using poor PSU's and 1 stick of 4GB RAM is, well, silly!
    The HDD in Deal 2 was was the best item they had going and that sells for ~ $85 on Newegg.
  3. Neither one is really anything to write home about.

    How about from newegg:

    CPU: A6-3500 $89.99
    Mobo: Asus F1A75-M LE $89.99
    Memory: Gskill 2x4GB RipjawsX 1.5V CAS9 1600Mhz $46.99
    GPU: built in
    HDD: WD Blue 500GB $89.99
    DVD: Asus 24x DVD burner $19.99
    CASE: Rosewill Challenger U3 $49.99
    PSU: Seasonic S12II 520 $59.99

    Total: $444.93

    Granted it is a bit more, but you get what you pay for:
    - Good CPU for you about the quality of the ones in the above things. Supports Sata3 and USB3.
    - Has a more powerful GPU, you can actually do some gaming with it.
    - Has a good solid case with good airflow.
    - Good solid PSU - Seasonic instead of the awful diablotek
    - 8GB or ram, could save a few bucks by going 2x2GB but not a big difference.
    - The built in GPU plays almost as good as the $50-70 ones you planned on buying.
  4. im looking at the athlon II x3 build, i guess now that i counted my saved up cash i got about 275$, it will EVENTUALLY be for LIGHT gaming, im looking at initial savings, i can add low end video card later, ubuntu to start with, individual parts are overpriced and shipping is absolutely rediculous, and i have not heard anything all that bad about diablotech PSUs, if it works with one stick of RAM, i dont care, its just another future upgrade, i do not mind upgrading, keeps computers alive longer, and saves on initial costs, even if it isnt very impressive to start out and will cost more over time, not many ptions when you dont have a steady job. and APus are from what i have read on many reviews, nothing impressive for gaming, some good, most say it is really only for HTPC, not what im looking for. honestly i dont think i could get anything so good for the price if i bought individual parts. And i know PSUs are nothing to skimp on, but i have 4 very old custom computers i got from my mothers old office building, with low wattage, crappy nobrand power supplies that still work. also been thinking of the possibilities for running 2 separate power supplies at low wattages to run separate sections of the system. say, one of my old ones to run just hard drives, or just GPU, probably wont work but figured i would ask, would make a neat mod.
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