would 8gb of ram be enough for photoshop and video editing??
if i buy 16gb should i buy 2x 8gb modules that are not together in the package but the same brand(because it would be cheaper)?? :heink:
or buy 4x4 that would be in the same package??
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  1. Hello Thanossapiens;

    8GB should be a very comfortable amount of RAM for Photoshop and video editing.
    If you're doing that type of work for a living - making money - I think you might want to get the 16GB. Choosing a matched set is always best.
  2. nooo it is a hobby...and yea the set is the same,both Corsair Vengaince,same model
    but i would take it twice...
    but 8gb are enough i think
  3. 2133 or 1600mhz?? only 30$ difference but i could spend them on a gpu
  4. I think so too.
    And you can always add more later if your projects get a lot more complex.
    2x an 8GB kit of the same model would be good.
  5. Which motherboard and CPU do you have?
    Any overclocking? I think a slight overclock gives you more bandwidth than going with 2133 over 1600 RAM.
  6. i will buy an i7 2600k and an z77 set,probably Asrock
    and if i overclock the 1600mhz would be better than 2133?
  7. Overclocking the CPU is more what I had in mind.
    You get a LOT more performance overclocking the CPU than the RAM.
    ~$30 for a CPU cooler is better than ~$30 going from 1600-2133 RAM.
  8. yea i know..i will get a noctua nh-d14
  9. Nice CPU cooler.

    Noctua NH-D14 HSF Review

    How much more $$ is the i7-3770K over i7-2600K?
  10. 90$$ i think
  11. And you'd rather have a i7-2700K OC'd at 4.8Ghz than a i7-3770K @ 4.5Ghz?
  12. i dont know. 2600k is just fine for gaming and photoshop...
  13. Same thing can be said for the 2500K/3550K
  14. but no hyper threading
  15. If you're not earning a living with the computer - it shouldn't make that much difference to you.
    Even a nice dual core CPU will run Photoshop well and do a decent job with video editing.
  16. im thinking of getting a 3570k,which has pcie 3 but it heats very much...
    i think that an oc 2600k would be much better...
  17. It would be 'better' - but not 'much better'. I don't believe you'd notice the difference.
    You shouldn't let yourself be scared of the 3570K running hotter.
    It's OK at 4.5Ghz - which is about the same as i5-2500K at 4.8Ghz.
  18. 8GB is more than enough for Photoshop/Video editing. Make sure all your RAM modules are the same and use CPU Z software to check at what speeds the RAM is running. Many times, RAM underclocks itself due to the Intel chip. This can be easily fixed by going in the bios and selecting XMP profile from the overclock screen. Note that this isnt considered overclock if your RAM is rated for that bandwidth and forcing it to run at its bandwidth won't void warranty.
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