What converter do I need for onboard graphics ??

vga to s-video ??

is that the one that comes out the back of the onboard graphics ??
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  1. Usually the onboard has VGA and sometimes HDMI or DVI. If it's blue it's probably VGA.

    Also I'd have to guess you're plugging into an older TV, because any modern TV or monitor uses VGA, DVI, Display Port, or HDMI. They do not have S-video. S-video is actually pretty bad, I think it's like 720p max or something.

    It is possible to get VGA to S-video/RCA converter.

    Does your monitor or tv only have s-video?
  2. The onboard video is the output directly connected to your motherboard. As for a converter you need one that converts whatever that output is to whatever input you are using... obviously.
  3. no,

    I am downgrading to my onboard graphics card

    however the hole in the back of the onboard graphics is just a round hole

    So,........ then I need to connect my VGA monitor to it,

    and I need to convert the vga cable to what ????????
  4. Can you be more specific about what system or motherboard you have?
  5. this is my graphics card/ chipset


    my question is

    what cable goes in the onboard chipset ?? what is it called ??

    I just need a word, like vga, hdmi, etc etc.
  6. Yes, if that is your motherboard it should already have a VGA output. You should just be able to plug the monitor in. It is circled in red in the picture below;

  7. okay


    then what is the chip stuck in my bottom pci slot there for ??
  8. fuggles said:


    then what is the chip stuck in my bottom pci slot there for ??

    I don't see anything like that in jyjjy's picture so you must have a card installed. Take a picture please.
  9. okay

    off topic, should my back case fan be blowing air in or out

    it currently blows it out


    what is that card below my 9500gt ??

    i thought that was my onboard graphics card ??


  10. Its a modem card, not a graphics card. Onboard graphics is always a chip on the motherboard itself, it cannot be on a seperate card otherwise it automatically becomes a discrete graphics card.
  11. oh, i thought it was onboard graphics

    so can I remove that modem card ?? do i need it ?
  12. You do not need it unless something is wrong with the motherboard's LAN.
  13. It's a dial-up modem. Unless you are using(or might use) dial-up internet(I hope not) you can get rid of it.
  14. wow my pc is old isn't it

    i assume they don't make them like this anymore do they ??

    or do they ?? I doubt many builds these days come with dial up internet cards
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