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hello i have dell xps l502x came with core i7-2670qm but replaced it with core i7-2960xm so is this cpu fully compatible with my board and here are some info's (hm67 huron river ,, phoenix securecore tiano) please help me before i damage my m.b cuz im working on it now and thanks alot
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  1. So your asking if it's compatible AFTER you purchased it..............

    Maybe Dell tech support would be where you should be posting?
  2. i called them like 3 times and all i've earned is been transfered from one to another so if any one know any information might help please tell me
  3. The TDP is 10 watts more than the original chip. It should be compatible, but it's debatable if you will see any improvement in most tasks. Your computer isn't going to feel any "faster" web browsing or word processing.
  4. thanks for your answer can you tell me why
  5. and really i wont notice any improvement over the core i7-2670qm
  6. You'd need a stopwatch to notice the difference. It's a 'sideways upgrade'.
    As for full compatibility? Dell will surely know more about that than we would.
  7. dell said we havent test this cpu with this laptop so we dont know if it is compatible so how do i know im really lost if i would know earlier i sure wont but it but the problem is i paid alot and i cant return it so please ay info will be helpfull
  8. You'll have to be the tester.

    But why can't you return the CPU?
  9. Lets have some more info about the seller..... including links if you have them.
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