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Dell XPS 8300 GFX Upgrade?

Hey guys.
I'm getting a new computer, and being a Costco shopper, I'm considering buying from them.

Apparently the graphics card on that desktop is awful. Kinda pushed me away from considering it.
After thinking about it, I've decided to buy it, and later upgrade the card.
With that being said, I was wondering if you guys could help me,
as in recommend me a card that could work/fit in the "Costco desktop" above,
and prove decent gaming flexibility. (Unreal Engine 3, BF3, COD etc.)

I believe there was something on this site that said something about the 560Ti being put into this.
Considering my budget, would something like the 460 fit/work on this desktop?

Any decent graphics card recommendation is appreciated.
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  1. I think it will but if you have a 350W PSU - get something bigger - 650W in case you want to upgrade again.
    BTW if you build your own you could probably afford a decent GPU. How much for the Dell?
  2. I believe the computer I'm buying comes with a 460W PSU.
    The desktop & monitor together is $999.99.

    With that being said, are there any decent cards out there that can run on a 460W PSU?
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    If you are going to spend 1000 on that Dell you should have a rig built for you. I went through Costco and bought a Dell Insp 580. I tought it would handle gaming. I was wrong. The main problem you are going to have is Heat. They are cramp inside. And also the PSU are not good they will tell you that it is 460w you will be luckey to get 400w I had a lot of problems with mine. So I went ahead and built one. I put only 1400 into it and I love it. It does everything I need it to do.

    Now if you are intent on a card The 560 ti is a good one but you need a 6 pin coming from the power supply to run it. The 560 requires a 450w power supply and up. If you want a cheaper card go with the ATI/AMD a 6770 card. ATI cards are best for lower end cards for the money where Nvidia is more for the upper end cards. I hope this was a little help. Good luck
  4. I would actually recommend you looking into Cyberpower or Ibuypower if you want a decent gaming computer and are not comfortable with building it yourself.
  5. you also have to check for another power supply if you get another graphic card and want to play recent games
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