Im upgrading to i5 2500k

Guys i need your help, I will upgrade my computer from intel E5200 dualcore to i5 2500k

Im in tight budget this is my story

My pc now is old

Intel E5200 Dual core
2gb ddr2
I change my gpu from 8400SE to GTS 450(i upgrade this for my gaming)
And i upgrade my junk psu to FSP 500 watts ( so that it can run my GTS 450)

PS: my reason for upgrading i5 2500k is my pc lagg and can run only is LOW settings

So now im planning to upgrade now this is prefer

Intel i5 2500k
A 4gb ddr3
Z68 or p67 MOBO
And i will get my from my old pc EVGA GTS 450
And my FSP 500 watts to my new pc build.

Is intel i5 2500k is compatible with EVGA GTS 450 with no bottleneck?

If i have that new pc rig i put this game

Can run that with no LAGG AND BOTTLENECK? I play that in HIGH SETTING?
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  1. What gpu will do the good pair a gtx 460 or gtx 560?
  2. I watch youtube videos like i5 2500k and gts 450 i watch the gta iv and crysis they have no lagg at max settings
  3. A GTX 560 will be good (its' what I have. Well, the Asus Factory OC version, anyway). In any case, even a 560 OC won't do max settings at 1080p in a game like Crysis or GTA IV. I would suggest at least a 560 Ti or 570 if max quality at 1080p is your goal. If you're using a lower res, then a 560 will be just fine.

    Regardless, the GTS 450 won't get you good FPS at High/Max quality at any decent res (maybe 720p).
  4. Thanks but for now i will use my GTS 450 on i5 2500k i keep my savings so that i cant 560ti
  5. The only bottleneck here will be the so-so GTS 450
  6. Getting an i5-2500K is a good move as it'll keep you gaming for years to come...however, you will probably want to upgrade that GPU considerably sooner. I tend to recommend the higher-end motherboards as they offer more features for overclocking (makes sense to do this if you have an i5-2500K IMHO)...what you could do is go for a P67 or Z68 motherboard which has SLI compatibility, then pick up another 450. I don't know how they benchmark in SLI offhand, but it could be a quick and relatively cheap way to improve your graphics performance in the shorter term.
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