Strange Network Printer Problem.

Hi Guys,

I have a strange issue here. I hope some of you I.T Pros can help me here, or have an answer. I am having an issue with a network printer. What happens is when I try to send a print job to the printer the print job hangs in the spooler and errors out. After about 5-15 minutes sometimes the Job will print and remove it self from the print queue, just like it would if it successfully printed. Another odd thing is if I send a print job from any computer that the network printer is installed on, and unplug the power cable from the printer and plug it back in. The job will send just fine and print. Its very odd.

I also have several other printers hooked up on the network that all print fine with no issues. Its just only this one printer. I have checked to make sure that the IP address is not duplicated on the network by any other device. The printer does print I just either have to wait an eternity for the job to go through the queue or hard restart the printer. Its very annoying to have to do this every time someone wants to send a print job.

There is another odd thing that I noticed also. Some times in the Print spooler on the local machine when a job fails it will sometimes throw about 40 sum print jobs into the queue. That says its a remote print job coming from the name of the machine I am printing from on the domain. I can log into the server we have and check the print spooler service and it says there is no jobs being sent from that remote session. I have restarted the spooler service on both the server and the local machine with no success of it fixing the problem. Also the printer is not installed on the server at all. Its just installed on the workstations.

If any advice please let me know.

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  1. Solved, For some reason It had to do with a machine on the network. I removed one of the workstations from the network and replaced it with another one laying around the office. Not sure why, by now my network printing to that device is flawless.
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