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Upgrade my HP p6520f for gaming?

Looking to upgrade my desktop to improve performance with games. I can add memory, but the biggest question is what graphics card would work/ would I need a new power supply? link to specs:
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  1. I have the same computer as you. I upgraded to 8gb memory and an hd5770. I can play any game at mostly high settings. You don't need to upgrade your memory, 6gb is plenty. I would suggest a hd5770 or above card, like the 6870. You will need a new power supply without a doubt.
  2. Hello.
    Yeah, you would need a new psu, 250 just isn't enough for a decent gpu upgrade.
    What is your budget ?
  3. I can probably justify $200 to $300 with my wife. :). any suggestions?
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  6. thanks!
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