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i may be building a new platform on the cheap and selling my old i7-860 to a friend. I am curios to have some input on what we think may be the best CPU? the i7-3820, i7-3930K or a xeon-E5-2620? currently i do not max out my 860 very often and i have it heavily over clock with liquid cooling which i plan to keep for the new CPU. not sure about the MB's yet as im still researching but the xeon is cheaper than the 6 core i7 so perhaps that's a better choice if i want to have a 6 core. what do you all think?
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  1. Are you fully committed to the socket 2011 X79 CPUs and motherboards?
  2. I use xeon's in my servers, they are really great chips but in my own experience do not overclock. Maybe because I use server boards but I think they are non overclockable. Any more input any one?
  3. I would get the 3930K. and a rampage 4 extreme
  4. well i have a P55 now, if i upgrade id want to go all the way. i have built dozens of 1155 boards but never a X79. the performance seems to be only 6% over the 2600K's but i have not yet begun to research chipsets so i am not set yet.
  5. Xeon's only work on server motherboards so you will give up overclocking if you go with a Xeon CPU. with that Xeon CPUs ussualy last longer then a i7 CPU partially because they cannot be overclocked but also partially becuase the silicon in the Xeon CPU is the best cores that intel made and i7 is what barely didnt cut it to be in a Xeon chip.
    Xeon chips also have 2 forms a single processor and a Multi processor though the i7 CPU only have the single processor parts. In this you will have to get the right version of the CPU for the number of CPU sockets you want to use.
    On the motherboards Sever motherboards ussualy are more stable and last longer then overclockable motherboards even though sever motherboards will most likely have you buying more expenive RAM with ECC and/or Fully Buffered DDR2 or DDR3 if you are lucky. While the i7 CPU supports non-ECC no Buffer DDR3 at higher speeds it sometimes has more errors which are corrected quickly anyways.

    In all of that i will say to go with a mutliple processor CPU and motherboard to get the same preformance since you cannot OC a Xeon CPU. and the ivy bridge i7s are not that matured yet
  6. the more i research this the more it seems to me that the performance differences between my P55 860 to the new 3820 is so negligible that its not worth the money...

    even more so when factoring in my over clock
  7. It's focus is on gaming but this chart by THG confirms your research to suggest it's maybe not yet time to upgrade.
    Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart
    from THG article: Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: April 2012
  8. A groupl of benchmarks comparing your i7 860 vs i7 3820
    Intel Core i7 860 - 2.80GHz vs Intel Core i7 3820 - 3.6GHz
  9. and thats the thing, im running my 860 at 4.9Ghz... i think i need to wait for a new gen of intel to come out before i can really see a jump in speed. even more so considering i dont often max my system, outside of 3dmax and the CS5.5 there is nothing i do that maxes my CPU. i do come close to filling my ram, i would love to be able to upgrade to 32GB+ of ram but... i often hover around 12-14GB of ram usage so even that does not max out often...

    i think im going to look into a new video card to replace my 5870 eyefinity and move on with the rest later in the year perhaps
  10. ncc74656 said:
    i think im going to look into a new video card to replace my 5870 eyefinity and move on with the rest later in the year perhaps
    That's a good strategy at this point. Look for upgrades you can move forward when you do decide to upgrade the CPU/MB.
  11. ill pop a post up for what card i may get in the GPU section. thats for your advice
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