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I currently have 2 GTX560ti Hawk's in SLI, however I cannot find any way to activate the SLI option.

I know the option for SLI is in the Nvidia control panal under 3d settings, but the "SLI configuration" is not there. At all. Both cards seem to be working as they are both powered and they are both listed in the device manager.


- Updated the bios
- Switched the pci-e slots of both cards
- Activated the pcie lanes
- Switched around the SLI bridge
- Downloaded and installed latest drivers
- Used google

Running out of ideas, please help. What could be the problem?

Mobo: Asus p8z68-v pro
GPU: gtx 560 ti hawk x2
psu: antec truepower 750w
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  1. Lol nevermind about this. Problem solved.
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