Asus CM6850, Confused about power supply

So i have a CM6850-01:

Im trying to figure out how large the power supply is, heres what i can tell from the actual unit:

Its called the AcBel HBA008-ZA1GT 350

Total Wattage according to the back is 268w, does that seem right.

The link gives a description of what the computers specs look like.

The reason i wonder so much is because i have a radeon 6670, from my old computer that i want to put in this one, but i think i may have to change power supplies.

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  1. Yes! You will need a new PSU. Anything from Corsair, Antec, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, or Seasonic would work just fine. I would get at least 500w or 650w if you plan on CFing on the 12v rails. OCZ PSUs (new ones) are pretty good too. :)
  2. PC mag says the PSU is 330w,2817,2388737,00.asp

    you can runt he AMD 6670 off that or just wait for a sale on the corsair 430w
  3. mine is the -01 model, is it the same, i linked it above. SO why does the sticker on the PSU say toltage wattage 268?
  4. sirdesancti said:
    mine is the -01 model, is it the same, i linked it above. SO why does the sticker on the PSU say toltage wattage 268?

    It's probably the voltage on the 12V rails. Still, you need an upgrade. Haha! :lol:
  5. The power draw difference between those cards is a theoretical max of 36W and will likely never even be that large. Is that AcBel the best PSU on the street? No. Is it likely sufficient for your minimal upgrade? Yes. Give it a try. If you're really unsure, then call Asus and ask their tech support....especially if the PC is still under any type of warranty.
  6. It looks like the maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating is 18 Amps.

    A Radeon HD 6670 can draw up to 5 Amps from the +12V rail. That leaves you with 13 Amps remaining on the +12V rails to power the CPU, motherboard, HDD, ODD, CPU cooling fan, case cooling fan, which should be sufficient as long as you don't start adding more devices.
  7. I don't think 18A will cut it for a hd6870. I would upgrade.
  8. Good thing it's an HD6670 and not an HD6870...
  9. Oh, I thought it was a 6870. Haha. I would still upgrade because 18A is not much at all.
  10. I have this PSU an it so cheaply made sounds like a tin can when I knocked on it with my knuckles. I'm going to be changing it out ASAP because I just ordered a GTX 750 Ti Sc an I can see the disaster in the near future.

    I will never buy another pre-built computer again. The damn RAM in this thing is so cheap you can't even find it on any websites for sale to see how much it even costs which I'm sure is in the single digits.
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