Fellow Skype members able to hear all of my sounds

Hello, figured this would be the best place to post this.

Every time I start playing a game, be it Guild Wars 2 beta, Metal Gear Solid Substance, Dungeon Siege III, or anything while on Skype, my friends can hear everything that the game itself is outputting as far as sounds go, as well as my voice of course.

I have tried googling this issue and everyone says to check to see if 'Stereo Mix' is activated as the active device for input either through windows or skype itself. It is not and I have checked multiple times.

Another thing that commonly comes up is just my sound being too loud and people being able to hear it from my microphone picking it up. This is not true either as they can still hear the music/sounds when my speakers or headphones are turned completely off.

I'm completely lost as to what is causing this.
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  1. Well I found out a fix, still not sure what the actual problem was though. It happens when my mic is plugged into the jack on the front of my tower, but not if I plug into the back.

    Edit: Not sure how to make this a 'solved' topic though :P
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