BIOSTAR N68S3+ AM3 NVIDIA MCP68S Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

I am building a system with Biostar N68S3+ mobo so I can connect floppies to transfer files from old media. Mobo manual says the floppy connector supports 2 floppies, but BIOS only seems to recognize one. Both floppies are set to the default B: setting and new floppy cable has the proper twist. What could be wrong?
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  1. do the floppy drives have jumpers?

    set the one at the end of the cable to master , and the other that should be half way along the cable to slave
  2. No, neither floppy drive has jumpers.
  3. Found out from BioStar customer service that, contrary to what owner's manual says, BIOS only handles one floppy.
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