ATi refuses to install on right driver card

I have a aspire 5810TG laptopt and recently installed windows 7 on it but sadnly enough the drivers from ati wont work and yes i did switch graphics card from intel to ati but still no luck


it used to be easy to do this but now it says " your card is not compatible " eventough i used automatic downloader and i did manally

the card is a radeon hd 4xxxx but i cant install this driver and it is very frustrating.
The only driver which is OLD that works is hte one from aspires on website and its from 2009 . there is no new driver updates on their site
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  1. im not 100% sure but the drivers from laptops only work from the manufacturer's website, typical drivers dont usually work on laptops
  2. You must check that which operating system you have installed windows 7, 32 bit or 64bit ? then download correct version of ATI driver for current version of your windows (32 or 64 bit).
  3. i did no luck... i used to be able to install from atis website...
    why hasnt aspire updated their drivers on their site?

    this is very lame
  4. says incompatible software or hardware on your machine
  5. With laptops you usually have to get video drivers from the laptop maker. However with a little googleing you should be able to find some modded drivers that will work with laptops good luck.
  6. Generally you must rely on the laptop's manufacturer to update the video card driver because many times the driver are specifically tweaked for the laptop. AMD's driver are generic and would work on laptops that don't use tweaked drivers specific to the laptop.

    Since you have an old integrated graphic chip Acer is unlikely to release an update.

    In the event you decide to replace your laptop sometime in the future, you need to be aware of laptop with switchable graphics. Those are laptops with both integrated graphics (in the CPU itself) and a dedicated video card. AMD's generic driver are absolutely not compatible, you must use the ones provided by the laptop manufacturer.
  7. wow... i wish i knew that before ... this absolutley makes the graphics card useless or not absolutely but a lot
  8. what can you get off windows Update ?
  9. swifty_morgan said:
    what can you get off windows Update ?

    There won't be anything unless Acer released an updated driver.
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