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New GPU wont fit old Mobo, buying everything new.

I just purchased the Radeon 6950 2Gb today - It is Huge, it does not fit my Mobo, its there is like 2 things in the way, I had to cut my case open and it still didn't fit. Even the Processor was in the way! Woah! I just had the 6670 and it was fine. I never thought a GPU could ever be this large. Anyhow I also bought SSD 128Gb 300mb/s read.

Im looking for a new Mobo, Processor and Ram and anything else you think I may need.
I only want 2 PCI x16 which will eventually run 2x Radeon 6950.
I don't understand why it says 2 PCI x16 but then when you look in specs the 2nd PCI x16 it says its (x8) ? what does that mean ? ( also says its fully SLI, CF...) does that mean 2nd GPU will only contribute half of its capacity?

I currently have a 500w power supply which should be just enough.(ssd saves me a bit)
Im going to get some kind of DDR3 1600 or higher with as low latency as I can get, 6G or 8G, Ram I know what to look for. But Mobo I don't know how to pick, neither for processors, and I know the I7 2600 is great but I wanna spend just a few dollars less and I mean even just $30 less just so I know I got a deal but its close to an I7, what would be a close equivalent to it from AMDs side ? I looked at the following MOBO+CPU combos.

Which processor is better ? which is a better deal? Can I get a better deal altogether for this amount $ ? 400(mobo+cpu)
Also a big worry is how do I know this huge Noahs Ark of a GPU is going to fit my new Mobo? even those $200+ mobos seem to have some kind of little things in the way where my GPU should go.

Please help. this is my first build.

Total Budget for MOBO, CPU AND RAM $450.00 please make the best of it! I need your help guys!
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  1. Well MSI Z68A-GD65 + i5 2500k will probably get you what you need.
    Although it comes closer to $500 with 8GB of ram.

    Ram specs for the intel build should be: 2x4GB 1.5V or less CAS9 1600Mhz for the best bang for buck.
  2. i prefer the msi z68a-gd80 (g3)(gen3) more better stuff with it, ^__^
  3. Tavo_Nova said:
    i prefer the msi z68a-gd80 (g3)(gen3) more better stuff with it, ^__^

    Sure but it's also much more over his $450 budget.
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    You can bump up to an i5-2500k for $20 more. The i5-2500k is an incredible overclocker and will give you ~95% of the power of an i7-2600k.

    Running two cards in x8/x8, you'll see almost no performance drop versus x16/x16 (maybe 3-4%).

    As far as RAM is concerned, I've picked out a kit with CAS Latency 7, but you can save $40 with a CL9 kit. There will be very little real world difference in speed.
  5. OK that's works what about mobo?
    And cases? Is nzxt lexa any good?
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