How to apply for Mail in rebate?

I asked a pal of mine to purchase the Sapphire HD6850 from newegg for me. I live in India and he's in atlanta.
Pls tell me the process he has to follow to apply for rebate? Its $15 MIR.
Heres the link on newegg that was for rebate

Now Im new to this so please advice.

Thanks :)
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  1. just follow the instructions very carefully. Typically you have to fill out the form, cut out and include the UPC, and include the packaging slip. Mail it all in and wait. There are typically deadlines, like you have to mail it within 30 days of purchase. I've never had one denied, but I have goofed up and threw away the UPC with the box :-P
  2. Yeah, As long as you follow the instructions to the letter you wont have any issues. just note that it can take 2-3 MONTHS to get your rebate.
  3. Ok..
    Ive asked him to apply for no delay rebate @ $1.
    It says 7-8 working days. Will there be a check of $15 or coupons worth $15?
  4. It will be a check. Receiving coupons are not considered a rebate; that would be a discount on future purchases.
  5. A lot of companies are going to pre-paid visa cards (or equivalent)
  6. nordlead said:
    A lot of companies are going to pre-paid visa cards (or equivalent)

    This sucks IMO since they expire quickly and can loose value even before you GET them. I would rather get a check or cash.
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