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Integrated graphics vs GPU

Hello, I'm not a gamer but I don't upgrade my computer all that often and I want to buy with as much of a long range plan as possible. Looking at
Gateway DX4860 models which have intel HD Graphics 2000 v HP p7qe which I can't get with 2GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce. Which is better? Also 7200 RPM hard drive v 5400. Big diff or not. Thanks...Hankster
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  1. There is a huge difference between the HD2000 and the GeForce card. There is even a difference between the HD2000 and the HD3000 as the 2000 probably is the bottom of the list of graphics accelerators. I would withoput question go with the GeForce card since it will give you better graphics in whatever you do , gaming , watching video , editing pics web surfing. There is also a difference between 7200 and 5400 with the 5400 again is the option that is at the bottom of the list , with that drive programs take longer to open , in gaming maps take longer to load , just anything that has to do with the hdd will be slower so in this choice the one I would go with is the 7200.
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    Of the current generation of integrated video the Intel HD 2000 and Intel HD 3000 are at the bottom of the list. The Intel HD 2000 is probably about 50% - 60% faster than their previous GMA 4500 integrated graphics core. The Intel HD 3000 is basically equal to the Radeon HD 5450.

    Intel's graphic cores are fine for HD video playback. I wouldn't bother installing a discreet video card unless you are having issues.

    A 7200RPM hard drive will allow programs to load and save faster.
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