About Antec One Hundred PSU mounting issue

I am planning to buy an Antec One Hundred case for my new build, its a phenom II X4 955 BE,

I bought a Corsair CX430 PSU which has a 120mm fan.

Now after giving a closer look found that Antec 100 case have bottom mounted PSU place, but there is no vent at bottom of case for PSU. So it means I have to mount PSU with its fan facing upwards. Now if that is done PSU will intake air from inside of case + there is a 140mm fan at top back and a 120mm fan at back.
So my Ques. is, will 120mm PSU fan affect air circulation, will it be good or bad?
I will be mounting 2X120mm intake fans at front.
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    It's not an ideal configuration, but you might be able to get away with it.

    Is there any reason, you can't just get a case with a top mounted power supply position?
  2. actually now-a-days most cases come with bottom mounted PSU, Antec 100 looked very ideal to me.
  3. guys got cooler master elite 311
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