Linksys wrt54g is it compatiale with windows 7

i bought a linksys router i have been trying to get it hooked up to my computer and i have window7 i am not having any luck
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  1. Yes, it works well. You may need to install the drivers for your LAN connection.

    If you have a wireless connection (like on a laptop), the drivers should already be in W7, but you could go the manufacturer's website and search for the W7 drivers (usually under a tab called SUPPORT).

    If your connection is directly to the motherboard, you should install the LAN drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard.
  2. You also may want to check where you are attaching the MODEM cable: It attaches to the WAN port. The hard-wired computers attach to one of the 4 connections that sit side-by-side.
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