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Is this a good laptop for Gaming? o-o

I plan on buying a laptop with the following specs

1.5 GHz AMD A6-3420M Quad-Core Processor


500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive

15.6-inch LED-backlit Display

GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6520G Graphics

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

5.1 Hours of Battery Life

Processor: 1.5 GHz A-Series Quad-Core A6

Number of Processors: 4


HDD 500 GB

I have done much research and I picked this laptop because I am on a low budget (300-500$) And this laptop just fits in at 449$(Original Price 599%). Also the GPU with HDMI is a huge + Also having a USB 3.0.

But I plan on playing games like MW3, BF3, Black ops, Skyrim. Stuff like that. Will I be able to?

I mean I don't expect to stream them to a HDTV on 2560x1600 res with full settings.. :pfff: But Maybe Playing MW3 with 1280x768 Medium settings ans No AA. :D
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  1. Good choise for ur money. Al games work fine in that. No problem.
  2. Getting that amount of gaming for a budget like that is really hard. Desktops will fare much better in gaming than laptops.
  3. hitechgowthaman said:
    Good choise for ur money. Al games work fine in that. No problem.

    Those FPS games will run on low(still might lag) and skyrim will lag unplayably due to the fact that it is dual core cpu intensive and 1.5 GHz llano isn't going to cut it.
  4. Well Skyrim is actually the game I plan to buy first :( It has 4-CPU and turbo boost to 2.4GHz If that makes any difference
  5. I found this comment on a tiny bit weaker version of your cpu choice regarding skyrim. So with a tweak it will should definitely be playable if it's not straight away.

    Posted by: Happy Himitsu

    I am guessing by the comments that nearly everyone here (especially the guy saying "you kids go ahead and...") is under 20 years of age with the mentality of a 15 year old.
    The fellow above me is wrong. K10Stat doesn't just remove limitations. It removes them and then some. How do I know this? Because I have my sabine set to hit 3.0 on all cores with a slight voltage boost when it hits turbo.
    Did it show any improvement in real world application? Yes. How much? I gain 5-7 fps in Skyrim and about 10 playing dead island. I can run both dead island and skyrim smoothly (albeit on low settings for skyrim, medium for dead island) at these clocks so I would have to say for a combo apu that is not too bad at all! AND running at 3 ghz on all 4 cores does not put my temps over 55ish at the worst of times, w/stock. :p NYAAAH. (ok, now I'm the one who sounds 15 :p)
  6. Yea I plan on overclocking it if necessarily Thanks!
  7. It's a laptop. Overclocking on a laptop is not a good idea. My i5 2520m lags on skyrim. Sandy Bridge is a lot better in the CPU department compared to llano. 6520g is a better gpu though. Skyrim is only able to use dual cores though.
  8. i also say if your gaming to go custom desktop
  9. Best answer
    I have an A6-3400 processor in my laptop which runs 1.4ghz and 2.3 boost. If you want it to game and work well with modern ones, use k10stat as mentioned. Also, get a dual fan cooling pad. I stress this to keep temps down. I run my pad on low when it is overclocked for games. Max AMD says for CPU is 100ish C but mine never passes 70C while gaming which is very good!

    I let it change the clock speed depending on usage but max is 2.3 ghz now and boost is at 2.7 ghz. This cpu destroys the I3's and I5's hands down. The 2nd way I boosted gaming was add a 2nd stick of ram. Everything on the Windows Experience Index went higher. Ram went from 5.9 to 7.3, graphics went from 4.5 to 5.9, gaming graphics went from 6.1 to 6.5. now I have 8gb of ram and a tricked out laptop and mine only cost $400.

    When I don't game I don't enable the overclock. No point in putting it on steroids for browsing and basic stuff, the CPU is extremely fast stock.

    Hope this helps!
  10. Thanks! I have a good Desktop but I need a laptop to have something for me to use on the go. I plan to upgrade the ram to 8GB

    But the laptop currently was raised to 449$ is it still worth it for the hardware?
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