How Do I use Dual DVI+HDMI for 3 monitors?

Hey, I just got a new monitor and radeon hd 6850 for black friday. My card has 2 DVI ports, 1 single and 1 dual (vga/dvi), 1 hdmi and 2 mini display ports. I also have two 23" 1080p monitors (1 new monitor , 1 lcd hdtv) and one 60 inch plasma. Before the new monitor I was running a dual monitor setup split between a 1680x1050 resolution 22" lcd monitor and the plasma tv. Now i was hoping to have the 3 above, but either the catalyst software or the card won't let me run the 2 dvi ports + HDMI. Why is this or is there a way to fix this?
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  1. That's normal. You need to use a display port for more than 2 monitors. You'll want to buy an "active single link adapter" to whichever display type you want to use.
  2. so could i use a mini-display port to hdmi converter?
  3. Yes, as long as it's "active". It should cost around $30.
  4. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I forgot I had an on board nvidia 8200 gpu. I just used the iGPU for the hdmi and it works! now i just have the 23" monitors on the radeon and the tv, which i only need to watch movies, on the nvidia.

    I just want to know if this is a bad setup? will run into problems?
  5. Yeah that can work. Often onboard GPU gets disabled when a discreet card is present, but if yours works then you are good to go.
  6. Yeah, it works well i think, the mother boards bios lets me choose to either have the on board on, off or have both with pci-e card.

    thx for the time to help tho.
  7. Hi everyone,

    I mad e mistake and bought an ASRock P67Pro3 Mobo: That has just ONE PCIeX16 slot and NO on-board GPU! As I want to use it for my FSX (MS Flight Simulator X) cokpit I fouund out too late that my then graphics card did not support three monitors. I have:
    1. Sony LCD TV 40" with HDMI and DP (SCART..) input; no DVI.
    2. Two ViewSonic G930-M3 19" LCDs with DVI and VGA input.
    I plan to extend the Win 7 desktop (Win 7 Prof 64bit) over all three of them.
    My old grcard told me that I had to disable one LCD if I wanted to extend desktop to the the other. Very funny! So I looked around in the internet and found the Sapphire Radeon HD6850) which claims to support three monitors.
    I have tied all (I think) combinations possible with the available inputs of the LCDsand the grcards output (2 X DVI; HDMI; PisplayPort).
    I tried Eyefinity settings but got stymied by all sorts of - often cryptic - messages telling me that I cannot connect/group etc., more than two monitors.
    I feel cheated.
    Does anyone in this community have any experience with this set up? Or the Eyefinity? I looked for a 'user guide' of Eyefinity but that was useless; it told me what is obvious and kept silent about the things I did not know...
    Any help would be appreciated.
  8. It doesn't really work if the TV and monitors are different resolutions.
  9. wolfram23 said:
    It doesn't really work if the TV and monitors are different resolutions.

    Hi wolfram23,
    In its eyefinity description AMD claim that it is possible to combine lcds of different resolution. And: Even when I changed th res. on the big screen to that of the 19" ones, it did not work.
  10. Well, you do need to use a displayport output on at least 1 monitor.
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