Is all my hardware compatible with each other?

I just put together a setup on and I wanted to know if everything is compatible with each other. Also Im putting this hardware in my old a1747c micro atx case. Will my old power supply from that computer work with my new setup? Heres a pic of the specs of the power supply

My Setup

Graphics Card



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  1. So you can use a ddr5 video card with a ddr3 motherboard? Is that video card much more powerful than the card I chosen?
  2. yes that card is a bit more powerful
    get this one since its cheaper

    and the ddr5 is for the vram and has nothing to do with the system ram.
  3. I agree with the 6770 suggestion.
    Regardless you'll need a new psu.
    The GTS450 and 6770 require a PCI-E 6pin for power.
  4. All those parts are compatible with each other. But any graphics card that requires an external PCIe power cable (HD 6770, GTS 460) will require you to upgrade your PSU. 300W is border-line weak. Use this PSU calc to find the size you need.

    The board amuffin suggested for you would be better IF your case can accept a full size ATX board. You mention your case as being a mini ATX.
  5. Buy a 650 Watt power supply and you should be good, also video card ram doesnt affect system ram

    buy this cause its on sale. you don't need a 650 watt psu.
  7. no that motherboard won't fit in your case.
  8. Check last post I edited it. I decided to use atx case instead.
  9. yep 2 many issues, form not enough power to to small a case...
    your best bet is start a build from scratch with another 100-150 to cover the case and psu...
    there are some very nice cases on offer atm at newegg and some great rebates on 550w psu's
    also buying a z68 and a 2500 is a waste... you cant oc the 2500 so you may as well save some money and buy an h67 or h61 motherboard... this will save a fair bit of money...
    or you can go for 4 gigs of ram instead of 8 and put the money you save towards a 2500k which will cost 10-20bux more...

    tell you what. post your maximum budget.(when i say max i mean exactly that as people will always say spend more).. im sure the guys can build you a decent pc for the money...
  10. My max budget is $600. I want it as powerful as possible with this case
    I also prefer an i7 processor since it would be faster.
  11. the i5 is as fast as the i7, you'd never see the difference unless you encode video or render stuff.
  12. Ok then can you help me put together a sick gaming pc for $600? Keep in mind my budget is actually $560 because I need to buy speakers and wireless mouse and keyboard set
  13. i5 2400 -190
    h61 mb - 60
    hyper 212+ - 30
    psu I posted -40
    hdd- 60 (don't need to buy if you have one)
    dvd drive- 20 (don't beed to buy if you have one)
    case- use your case
    8gb drr3 1600 - 50
    6870 - 145

    total: $600, 520 if you don't need dvd drive and hard drive. you'd also need windows if you don't already have it.
  14. andynov123 you're best off creating a thread in the System section.
  15. Will do thanks
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