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  1. You'll probably get more responses if you edit your post to include text descriptions of the parts you link to. I know I don't feel like clicking on each link to see what it is and then have to remember them all, to boot.
  2. Its a verry good build.
  3. For 20$ more buy a new HDD.
  4. So your power supply, I would recommend something with a little more just to be safe and allow you to expand down the road if you decide you want another hard drive or 2 or any other components.

    - Both of these PSUs cost more out the door but come to only 5$ more expensive after the mail in rebates and im sure anyone would second that idea.

    Do you have any optical drives in your current system that you are recycling? Asus 24x DVD-R for 18$ free shipping Samsung x DVD-R for 17$ free shipping
    OR a Blu-Ray burner/DVD combo for $79.99
    You can get Blu-Ray reader and DVD/CD Burners for somewhere between the prices of those i just listed above.
  5. All in all not bad. Just be sure to grab this OEM full version. Upgrades never quite work right. Besides, this is cheaper.
  6. You don't have a CPU cooler.
    What's with the Win 7 upgrade? Just buy the OEM Win 7 HP. You will have to x-fer any files you want to save to another drive in either case.
    The video card is a little weak if you want 'cutting edge' gameplay. We don't know what ridiculous requirements will be forthcoming in new games.
  7. OK I swapped out the ps and w7. How about this hd. I know it's smaller bt I have external drive if I need more storage. I have a dvd burner but this hd comes with one so why not? Didn't realize the w7 was an upgrade. I5 comes with a cooler and that case has several fans shouldn't that be enough? If I need a cooler after assembly I can get one
  8. Weak video card? That's what I have been reading on this site to buy most people suggest it.
  9. I do like the HDD with the DVD Drive, it breaks down to a good price, if you take in the optical drive runs $18 or so, your getting this HDD for the same $$ as the refurb one you chose initially. Which PS did you choose?

    AS for the GPU, I have a Sapphire Eyefinity 6 5870 2GB GPU and i absolutely love it. I RMA'd an old GTX 280 GPU and received a new PNY 580GTX and kept this Sapphire card and chose to sell the 580 as the $430 i got for it when i sold it was much more worth while than the performance boost i would get. This was my first Radeon GPU as i've always been an Nvidia Fanboy and i've got no plans on going back now. I say stick with the GPU you chose
  10. Went with this power supply. Hopefully should give me a cushion for the future.
  11. That mobo says it has 2 pci 3.0 ports but the video card is 2.1 is the mobo backwards compatible? I don't know much about mobo's sorry if that's a stupid question
  12. Yes it will work, not a stupid Q
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