Hello, please advise me on which GPU to purchase

Hey guys, I would like to know exactly how much VRAM is needed for a 3D vision surround set up
(I have 3 Acer GD235H 1920x1080), I would like to run battlefield 3 with some AA and ARMA 3 when released.

I'm currently considering
1. GTX 570 2560MB SLI
2.. GTX 580 1537MB SLI (but thinking about going the extra mile and getting the 3GB versions, but
would rather not if I don't need all that VRAM)
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  1. What's the native resolution of your monitor?

    What games will you be playing and at what settings?
  2. omgitfatal, I updated my original post, thanks for the response.
  3. Using the games in Guru3D's test suite..... at 1920 x 1200

    Two 560 (factory OC'd to 900Mhz) gets ya 862 fps in 2-way SLI ... 920ish pushed to max stable frequency
    Two 570 (factory overclocked Asus) gets ya 935 fps in 2-way SLI .... 1002 pushed to max stable frequency.
    Two 580 (factory overclocked EVGA Classified) get ya 1010 fps in 2-way SLI ..... no data when pushed

    The new 560-448 ($250 estimated street price) that's gonna be released on Tuesday, I expect will be able to garner 970 ish when pushed.
  4. Jack, in response to your signature I will respond by saying: well first, what is so wrong about being heard by a woman?
  5. Lothario Hermes said:
    omgitfatal, I updated my original post, thanks for the response.

    So you're going to be using nVidia 3D surround? or just one of the monitors?

    If you're going for 3D surround then you'd need as much VRAM and GPU power as you can get.

    Just for reference my 3 HD6970's push upwards of 100FPS maxed out BF3 @ 1080P, half that for 3D so lets say 50+FPS, then triple the resolution you'd be looking at roughly 25FPS... that's if 2GB of VRAM would be enough, which I doubt.

    I had a pair of GTX570's before and played the BF3 beta maxed @ 1080P which used 1200MB of VRAM, add 3D and triple monitors and I'm sure the VRAM usage would be 2500MB+

    For 3D + surround + near max graphics I'd want atleast GTX580 3GB SLI.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find benchmarks of GTX 570 2560MB SLI?
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