Which case should I buy?

i'm looking for a number of cases for my pc which I'm building.

So far I've found these 2:


Does anyone have any other ideas for cases? I'm looking for fairly cheap cases, a lot of room, easy access, however, I don't want a flimsy piece of plastic. £50-60 MAX? Preferably around the £40 ($60) mark.

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  1. Nice picks bud i go with the cooler master in your first link out of the two ;)
  2. The Cooler Master Elite 430 (which I have also had experience with) is also a nicely build case. The build quality is not as good as other cases (such as the Antec 300) but has more features (for instance the power supply mounts on the bottom, drawing fresh air from the underneath the case (mesh vented). I'd recommend getting the Coolermaster over the CiT any day. the build quality and feature difference between the two will be worth the £4 difference any day!

    here are some other suggestions, although I can't give any first hand experiences with, which include a USB3 port up front (make sure your motherboard has a USB3 connector in to make use of it):



    It's a good idea to stick to a nice brand case, even the low end 'nice branded' cases are good quality. I bet you if you bought a half plastic case you would swap it out in the future. I did with mine! Overall I'd get the Antec 300, but if you want more agressive styling I'd got for the Lian Li. The Coolermaster 430 is still fine though... just don't buy the CiT ;)
  3. I actually fancy modding one of these up, Fifty Quid,
  4. coin toss for me ... either way will work but there may be more out there in the same price range .. not certain of uk vendors though ..Listen to moto .. he has 27 pc's :)
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