D-Link Wireless N 150 Desktop PCI adapter Issue

I got my new D-Link Wireless N 150 Desktop PCI adapter.
My OS is Win XP professional 32-bit.

I placed the PCI adapter in the PCI slot & then installed the driver later.
However, the instruction said that I had to first install the D-link driver software & then insert the PCI adapter in the PCI slot.

I have tried these steps with NO success yet:
1) Uninstalling the device from the Device Manager
2) Remove the Device from the PCI slot
3) Remove the Drivers from the "System32" folder
4) Re-install the D-link software
5) Re-insert the wireless device back to the PCI slot
6) Restart

Still I get the Wireless Icon as "Red" & it says "Not Connected!"
Could you please let me know what that Icon means?

Does it mean my XP is NOT detecting the device itself?
Or Is it NOT able to detect my Cisco LinkSys ADSL 2+ MOdem Router (WAG120N)?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It means you did not connect the card to any wireless network. Did you open up network management and see what wireless signals it sees? Just installing the card will not connect it to anything, you need to manually select a network to connect to. If you double-click on the wireless icon in the system try it will bring up a list of networks.
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