Will a Hyper 212+ Cooler Master fit into an Apevia x-Dreamer3 case?

The thread name is rather self explanatory. I'm a broke student who's having to buy individual computer pieces at a time (1 piece away and I'm dreading that any of the parts will be defective.... /shudder) and I've also never built a computer before (going to rely on the newegg tutorials) anyway, I bought an Apevia x-dreamer3 case(first part bought, was cocky and didn't research, learned my lesson on my other parts, if you want the list lemme know ^_^ thought the red looked "cool") and a Hyper 212 plus cpu cooler from Cooler Master, I haven't opened either yet (due to not having every piece for my comp..../another shudder). I'm curious if I need to buy a different case to fot it or if someone who has used this setup before will know if it'll fit properly? Preferably with the standoffs for between the mobo/case
Also worried about my His Iceq Radeon 7950 video card fitting, though I think I might be best opening a different thread for that
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    Your case is 7.3 inches wide and has a side fan installed over the HSF area. The Hyper 212+ EVO is just over 6 inches won't fit with the case side fan installed and will probably be a close fit even with that fan removed. You can try it to be certain...but if you haven't opened the box for the case, then I would return and get a wider case. Did you get a separate PSU or were you planning on using the installed Apevia 450W PSU?
  2. It looks as though the 11.6" HD 7950 will fit in that Apevia X-Dreamer 3 case.
    Case photo with 9.6" motherboard installed

    NewEgg customer comments suggest Hyper 212+ will just barely fit with side fan removed.
    Cheap, thin steel construction. Narrow case is compact, but will have trouble with tall CPU coolers (my Hyper212+ fits just barely with the side fan removed).
  3. They should both fit based on newegg review and picture. But the side fan will have to come off, and you'll need to make sure the hard drive isn't near the GPU.
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  5. Thanks for everyone's help, I decided to return it and get a new different case, might as well get something nice and large that I can build future setups in right? So I went with the Cooler Master Storm Trooper case ^_^ it's massive lol
  6. Enjoy!
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