Build Advice and overheating problems

Ok so I had a really good opportunity to upgrade my system without paying anything extra, so i grabbed the chance and i ordered my parts without properly getting advice from here. So here I am with problems now :(

My previous build:

CPU - i7-2600k oced to 4.3 @ 1.28vcore and 30/68 idle/load temps
Motherboard - Asus P8P67
Ram - Gskill Ripjaws X 8gb 1600
HSF - Hyper 212 plus
HDD - Spinpoint 1tb HDD Hd103sj x2
SSD - Crucial M4 128gb
PSU - XFX 650 XXX edition
GPU - Sapphire 5770
Case - Cooler Master Storm Scout

My new build

CPU - i7-2600k stock speed
Motherboard - Asus Z68 pro
Ram - Gskill Sniper 1866 8gb, running at 1600
HSF - Hyper 212 evo with push pull
HDD - Spinpoint 1tb HDD Hd103sj x2
SSD - Crucial M4 128gb
GPU - Gigabyte 6850
Case - Cooler Master Storm Scout with an upgraded top exhaust fan from xigmatech and added a side fan from enermax

So I wasn't 100% sure on the power supply but I ordered it because of good experience with XFX.

Problems noted so far,

- Idle temps at stock speed are around 45, heatsinked 5 different times with negligible difference. Even upgraded thermal paste to antec formula 6. Load temps go upto 65 with prime95 running for 8 hours at blend

- Noted some EMI interference to speakers that was definitely not there before or with a different computer, temporarily solved it by routing audio through hdmi to monitor and using audio output from monitor to speakers

- Can hear clicking sometimes from psu

- High temps???

- Crashed while playing assasins creed, temps around 60.

Any advice? Feel like returning cpu/mobo and psu and starting over.
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  1. Well returning parts is certianly an option and you do want to keep an eye on the 30 days so you don't go past it and then have to deal with the manufacturers. A good thermal compound to use is Artic Silver 5 , I have always used it and it is just about the best. Naturaly everybody has thier own preference so if you sre willing to try that then you may or may not see a difference.
    When using Prime 95 the temps that you got there were not that bad and the fact that you had it on for 8 hrs is a realy good thing.The temps you had when your game crashed were not that high and should not have made the game crash.
    Are you sure that the clicking sound is coming from the psu and not the HDD? The HDD's are known for making that clicking sound although by not being there I can't here what you hear.
    Are you spreading the thermal compount in a thin layer on the cpu? It should be as thin as possible.
    So in sumary I would get some Artic Silver 5 and if the clicking sound is coming from the psu I would consider returning it for another.
  2. Frys was out of Arctic silver 5, and i just bought antec formula 6 since i read some reviews about how its better. But silver 5 was 100 times easier to apply than the formula 6.

    Going to call microcenter to see if a return can be arranged, I definitely need better temperatures as I had 30ish idle temps with a similar setup and it was oced to 4.3.

    My ambient temp is around 20c so they aren't even that high.

    But now with stock speed i am hitting 65 load easily and 45 idle. I tried to oc it to 4.3 and my vcore jumped straight to 1.39 and temps went over 78 within 2 mins on prime95 which caused me to panic and stop testing.

    The clicking is definitely coming from the psu as i can put my ear next to it and can hear it, is there another psu that you would recommend? I do not believe i necessarily need 750 for my build but i just wanted to be safe. So let me know if you have any recommendations otherwise I have been considering the

    Do you have any experience returning the cpu/mobo at microcenter? I don't want to take apart everything after doing the build really neatly and spending a lot of time with wire organizing :/
  3. Returned the cpu/mobo and cooler, and got replacements and temps drop down to 29c at idle. will try overclocking after 2-3 days of curing and prime95
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