Macbook Pro I5 vs I7 2012

We are looking at a MacBook pro to replace an HP. It's use is primarily for audio recording and editing, which is very high demand on the processor and RAM.

We currently have an iMac i5 (2nd generation) that is doing a wonderful job,
Would the i5 in the MBP be comparable or is it best to go for the i7? We're looking at the 15inch screen.

In a Macworld write up they indicated that the i5 iMac was rated higher than an i7 MBP. There is a price difference, and we don't want to spend more than we have to, but also don't want to get stuck with not enough power.

Anyone with advice or experience with these models?
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  1. You should probably wait a few more months, intel just released their new mobile ivybridge processors which perform much better and use less power than their sandybridge counter parts (2nd gen). However, apple usually gets these parts later on. Currently you can purchase a ivybridge i7 laptop that is cheaper than a macbook pro and outperforms it!

    Is there any reason why you don't want to purchase a PC laptop?

    What software do you use?

    Is there another use for this laptop, besides editing?
  2. Unfortunately he neesd it before next week as it is for a specific project. With all his current projects being on Mac we're looking to stick with Mac.

    The ivybridge i7 sounds great, maybe I'll look out for that when I get my next gaming laptop
  3. What software does he use? This can be the deciding factor between the i5 and i7.

    The i5 is a dual core with hyper threading to four virtual cores.

    The i7 is a quad core with hyper threading to 8 virtual cores.

    If his software can take advantage of a quad core and possibly more cores, then go with the i7. But if it can't, then go with the i5!
  4. We have had very bad experience with PC and audio recording, the HP was a dv6 with an i7 and it crashed constantly when running projects. It's favorite trick is the BSOD.

    It is professional level audio recording and editing, with very large project sizes. An average song in it's base components is around 4 gigs. We are using protools 10.
  5. Your HP was crashing, because it was made by HP, not a quality company like Asus, sager, eurocom etc.

    You're looking at an i7 with at least 8gb of ram.
  6. Thanks for your input, I think we will go with the i7, I wouldn't consider less than 8 gb RAM, not negotiable.

    We are based in Dubai at the moment, and those brands are not really readily available here. We are happy with Mac for the audio, protools is designed to run on a Mac system.

    Having been PC based up until about 6 months ago, the change to the iMac was wonderful, we haven't looked back. however, when it comes to gaming I'm firmly on the PC side. Hubby is the Mac user, I'll stick to my PC.
  7. Alright, have fun :)
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