Coloured Modular Cable Kits by Corsair??

I've seen loads of you tube videos, reviews and even them on the main corsair website but I can't for the life of me find any of these for sale in the UK, does anyone know where I might be able to get a set??
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    Should be able to find the colour you need :)
    @Dell, thats not giving a UK result Bro :) **Edit, it is now**
  2. Can extension cables be plugged directly in to my PSU??

    The kits I had been looking at are these:
  3. It would depend on the Psu you have, and the connections from that
  4. I have an AX850, so that's why the Corsair kit seemed like a perfect match
  5. If the connectors for the Psu end are the same as the other end then yes, the extensions will fit straight in, if they differ though you would have to use the extensions from the original cables, making it longer ofc
  6. Ok thanks for that, guess these are not what I'm looking for then and I will try elsewhere thank you.
  7. No problem man, if I find them here I'll repost for you
  8. they sell them at as well

    i just bought some usb cables and fans from them and the stuff arrives quick
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