WHS 2011 - Build Req.

Looking to build an new WHS 2011 system.

What are the most important things needed when building for the following use:

Streaming MKV (SD/HD Movies)
Streaming Riped Blu-Ray / DVD
Streaming Mp3's

Mainly I will be using the server to stream movies or music, but i will also use it for storage / backup.

But as far as streaming goes. what should i get to make sure I don't get lags?

Ram? Processor? What are the most important factors?

already running a hardwired gigabit lan (cat 6) to the server and pc's connected.

- Albe
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  1. The most important factor for running WHS is that it is a server environment - it's WAY, WAY different than the standard Windows OS environment.

    If you're going to be running just a basic home file server you don't really need serious power for a file server. could get by with either an AMD LLano or a Core i3-2100 and an H67 motherboard for not a lot of money. Where the main costs come into a backup server are generally storage - mainly BD-R and HDs.
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