5830 Lagging in particular games? Data not shown up correctly.

Hey, I have the sapphire radeon 5830 and I OCd it... I recently bought TDU2 And when playing even on low!! settings I get lag?! Also, in some software it shows my GPU to have very low specs that worth like.. $20. It's confusing me so I Reset back to normal and still in the game I can only play on low. Could it be I have badly OCd by CPU? I ocd my 955 to 3.65ghz recently
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  1. Does GPU-Z show the HD5830's spec correctly?
  2. Yes it does, it didn't when I first overclocked it but somehow I fixed that
  3. Is TDU2 the only game that is giving you trouble?

    Perhaps try running a benchmark like 3DMark11 and compare your results to PC's with similar specs.

    Also would you mind posting your full system specs, just so we can rule out any obvious hardware issue's.
  4. Urm.
    Phenom II X4 955 - 3.65ghz
    Sapphire Radeon 5830 OC
    Patriot 1333DDR3 1x4gb
    Asus M4A78LT-M Motherboard
    New Asus Axe Square CPU cooler
    some random 1TB Hard drive
    3D mark score is 200 above Non OC Score so ... Mustn't be my graphics :S If that's the case then why do I see all of youtube people playing the game at such high settings with no issue at all. Meh. I'll try now on GTA IV that should help.
  5. What is your PSU make/model?
  6. My PSU is just some cheapy 600w one. No idea of its make/model really. Could that be the cause for any of this?
  7. Maybe. AFAIK, 5830 quiet power hungry card cause it need two 6-pin connector.
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