Future upgrade

Howzit guys

i posted somthing a while ago about upgrading my rig:

AMD Phoenom x6 1090t @ 4.1
Gigabyte 6970
12 gb 1333
Gigabyte Odin 720w
Aerocool XPredator
Corsair h60
2 x 1TB

Now i know it doesnt lag, and as a seasoned gamer, I aint new to this, but i would like to plan my future upgrade...

DATE: about 3rd quarter 2012
BUDGET: Flexible ( about $2000)

So as you can see, HOPEFULLY well see Ivy Bridge by then, along with the next gen GPUs!

this is simply a thread for suggestions, so ill see everyones point of view...
Go mad!!! thanx 4 any help!!! [:aford10:4]
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  1. Go with the 7000 series and go with the Ivy Bridge, 1tb SSD hybird drive, get a full on water cooling kit or get the dual 120m radiator Corsar all-in-one system, water cooling for the 7000 series, ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound card, and?
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