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Should I keep a monitor with only D-Sub/HDMI?

I just bought a nice Samsung monitor only to find that it has just D-Sub/HDMI connectons. My current video card (gtx 550 ti) has only DVI. I suppose I could use a DVI/HDMI adaptor cable, but am afraid the image quality would suffer. I am however getting ready to upgrade my graphics card to a gtx 570, so I should soon have an HDMI port. I guess what I really want to know is if I have a good monitor. Also is its lacking of a DVI connection because it's cheap,or because DVI is being phased out in favor of HDMI. The monitor model number is S27A550H. Any help would be really great!
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    Well i know that analog technologies will be phased out by 2015, so ive heard anyway.. dont know if its true or not. But i dont think using an adapter would cause any degradation what so ever, looks like a nice cherry 27" samsung monitor, i like samsung monitors, they last a good long while, least every single one ive owned. Purely up to you though if you want to trade it for something with DVI.. but even LCD TV's dont typically have DVI anymore, they have HDMI and D-Sub connectors.
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