Check build please :)

Had a chance to upgrade everything for no cost to me,

My previous build:

CPU - i7-2600k oced to 4.3 @ 1.28vcore and 30/68 idle/load temps
Motherboard - Asus P8P67
Ram - Gskill Ripjaws X 8gb 1600
HSF - Hyper 212 plus
HDD - Spinpoint 1tb HDD Hd103sj x2
SSD - Crucial M4 128gb
PSU - XFX 650 XXX edition
GPU - Sapphire 5770
Case - Cooler Master Storm Scout

My new build

CPU - i7-2600k
Motherboard - Asus Z68 pro
Ram - Gskill Sniper 1866 8gb, running at 1600
HSF - Hyper 212 evo with push pull
HDD - Spinpoint 1tb HDD Hd103sj x2
SSD - Crucial M4 128gb
GPU - Gigabyte 6850
Case - Cooler Master Storm Scout with an upgraded top exhaust fan from xigmatech and added a side fan from enermax

Not sure about the power supply. been considering

What do you guys think? I am probably going to for a overclock to about 4.5, don't think i'll ever go for crossfire
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  1. Quote:
    don't think i'll ever go for crossfire

    But why? the scaling for xfire is almost 100% and the support is getting better. AMD even says that they are adding more people to work on the drivers so you can play your games properly. take a look at this:
  2. i'd go for the samsung 830 128gb over the crucial m4, bests it in performance and with this promo code it's only $7 more: EMCNJHF45

    i like the modxstreme pros, i have the 600w model. have no problems whatsoever, very quiet. very good for a modular power supply.

    if you're gaming, consider the 6870, or even a 560 ti or a 6950. the 6870s a lot better than the 6850s and i don't know if you'll see a huge jump between that and the 5770.
    something like this: pretty cheap for a 6870

    edit: my bad, i didn't realize you had all this stuff already. everything is fine, if you have bad performance on your games then maybe consider upgrading the 5770, everything else is basically a comparable model.
  3. For no cost? Like, for free? Do it, but if you're paying, no. The only thing you should upgrade is the GPU, just don't get anything less than an HD 6870. Or crossfire.
  4. yes like free, I don't have any of my old components anymore and i have all these components readily available so whatever i exchange will be a 15% restocking average price. its a complicated story

    So what go you think is worth changing at a price of 15%,

    PSU is one thing i strongly want to change but don't know which one to buy, when i built my old system a lot of people strongly favored the xfx 650

    the reason i dont want to go crossfire is that i am not a huge gamer, the only reason i would go for crossfire is when the card goes cheaper in the future and i have spare money to upgrade just for kicks.

    that 6870 is pretty cheap actually, when i researched i found out that 6850 is a better value than 6870 so i went for it.
  5. Why down clock the new 1866 ram to 1600? Why not just keep the original ram?
  6. Make sure you keep the RAM at 1.5v or you can void the CPU warranty.

    The XFX power supply is a much better unit than the one you linked to. If you only plan on running 1 x 6850 you only need ~500 watts and that is really being generous and giving you headroom for overclocking.

    For the same price range you really can not beat this. Also it's modular.
  7. I didn't mean to write the ram at 1600, i was writing down the stock values that the ram will run at without changing timings.

    Will obviously adjust it to 1866
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