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Can my laptop handle SC2?

Hello, i was wondering if my laptop could play SC2 (supreme commander 2, not star craft), i dont have money for a gaming computer, and i have few games for my xbox 360, and i prefer to game on a PC, heres my laptops specs:

CPU- Intel Pentium p6100, 2.0ghz, dual core
Video- Intel HD, not 2000, cant upgrade because it is a laptop sadly.
RAM- 3gb DDR3 1066
HDD- 320gb 5400rpm
Brand- Asus (k52f-bbr5, somewhat uncommon model with these specs)
Screen res/size- 15.6" 1366x736

I was looking for some lower end games that i could play on it, (my desktop is total garbage, pentium 4 1.8 ghz, 1.5 gb RAM, very low end nvidia N graphics adapter, wierd mobo and case so i cant upgrade) and i noticed supreme commander 2 had minimal specs similar to my laptops specs, but the video card minimum was something that im not sure of the performance of, could i run Supreme commander 2 on it? it does NOT have to be high settings, low or medium is fine with me.

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    I don't think you'll be able to start it, and even if you somehow do, you won't get more than 2fps.
  2. okay thank you, i figured i would ask so i didnt buy a 20$ game just to not be able to play it. thanks for the info, i doubted it would work but whats the harm in asking? lol
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