Video Card Dilema- which would be best for 3 monitor setup?

The title explains my question pretty well, but there's a few tricky things I need input on.

Right now my choices are between the gtx570, the Radeon6970, or possibly two gtx460's.

Here's where my first dilemma comes in. My motherboard only supports SLI, so doubling up on a 6970 or 6950 is out of the question. I heard that Radeon scales better on high res so If I did go with a the 6970, then my setup would be limited to a single card.

My second problem occurs where I need 2 nvidia cards to run a multiple monitor set-up. So even If I were to get gtx570, it would be a long time before I could get another one and run the 3d surround setup.

Third option is to just get another gtx460. This would be the cheapest option, but the technology is older and I'm unsure to whether they could handle the set-up I'd want.

Please let me know what you guys think the best option would be.

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  1. First a GTX 570 won't do it: it can only run two monitors.

    A lot of mobos are not listed for sli or Xfire (because they are not certified) but do it anyway. I's ask whether anyone has experience in Xfiring your model before you make that conclusion.

    The dual GTX 460 beats a GTX 570. But if you have the budget I'd recommend a dual GTX 470 or 480 sli. There may be some deals to be had (I just bought a GTX 470 because of a deal) as Nvidia is trying to clear old inventory before the launch of the 600 series.
  2. Well here's my mobo...

    EVGA P55 FTW

    I'm pretty sure that is says only SLI, but I could be wrong.

    As cards go, I'd rather get a newer card. I'd also prefer to only deal with a single card setup, as I've heard that SLI/Crossfire tend to have more problems. I know that if I go nvidia I will have to go SLI.

    I've also been checking out the 6950's and gtx560ti. they seem to be around $70-$100 cheaper than their 6970/570 counterparts. Is the extra money worth the performance?
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