What about this PSU ??

Hi , can I get ur opinion in this PSU that I got one of it and its suddenly stopped working
it is the Gigabyte powerock 500 watt
It start workin but stopped at all after about 2 hours
what could the problem be ?
and what your opinion in this PSU generally ?
I have
Inel core i5 2400
gigabyte z68 //mobo
asus geforce gtx 550ti
1 tb HDD
2×4gb ram
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  1. What is the model number? There are three different powerrocks PSUs from Gigabyte:
    1. Powerock with model nbr: GE-N500A-C2; This model is 80+ certified and made by CWT
    2. Powerock EX with model nbr: GE-A500N-C2; this one is not 80+ and is also made by CWT.

    CWT does make good PSUs, but these are not some of their better units.

    What happened when it stopped working? PC just shut down? Does the PC do anything when you hit the power button? (i.e. fans spin, lights come on for a sec, etc.)
  2. I don't know exactly the model number , and when i hit the power button for the first time (fans spin, lights come on for a sec) and it stopped working and when i try to hit the power button again there is nothing happened , no lights no fans .. nothing !!
  3. Gigabyte is not known for their quality PSUs...
    I'd get a quality PSU from a well respected brand like; Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling.

    500 Watts is plenty.
  4. Take out your power supply and unhook it form everything.
    Plug it in.
    Hook up one of your molex to a fan or something.....in other words, try hooking one thing up to something. Does it turn it on?
  5. in the first time fans spin, lights come on for a sec and turned off then in the next times ther's no boot
  6. Hmm... Doesn't really help with the diagnosis. I recommend replacing the power supply with a respected brand; Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling...
  7. Not enough information to even diagnose that its the PSU. Maybe the CPU overheated due to paste fail. We don't know how long he waited until he tried again. We don't know if the plug to the case was nudged.....we don't know a lot....

    To rule out anything but the PSU, hook the PSU up to ONE THING. Does it power it up? If no, then try another thing. If no, then I'd say PSU is shot. (assuming the breaker to the outlet is fine).

    If it does power that one thing then you either:

    1) don't have enough PSU to power the system.
    2) have an overheating something or another, probably a cpu.
    3) have a faulty connection between the PSU and the case power on button.
  8. cat is right there is just not a lot to go on here...
  9. But if it is the PSU, then what pac said :).
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