HD 6970s when crossfired lock up computer

I just upgraded my GPU from a single HD 5870 to two HD 6970s, when running in crossfire my PC crashes, both cards running single no problem. I tried uninstalling latest video drivers and PC crashes then too. My CPU is a 2500kv and mother board is a ASRock p67 deluxe 4 , with 8gb of ripjaws running at 1866, the cards work by themselves so I'm thinking its a driver or software problem. Don't know if anyone else had this problem, thanks for any help, have a great day.
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  1. Is it a specific game/program that causes it to crash, or does it crash the moment you go into crossfire? How and what are you doing when it crashes?

    Also, have you tried both cards independently in both PCIe slots? Maybe it's one of the PCIe slots that's the problem.

    And lastly, what is the PSU you are running? A bad or low powered PSU can't handle two 6970's.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, do you have MSI afterburner loaded at start up? If MSI afterburner isn't configured for your new setup, it can cause lock ups. Even when it is, the last version I used caused problems at boot up and often locked me up.
  2. +1 for bystander. Also, you should list your rig's components so you can get better advise.
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