Can anyone recomend a good PSU for this system?

I'm going for a:

i5 3570k CPU
16 GBs of ram
2 TB harddrive
MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard
IN WIN DragonRider case which has a few built in fans

but im not sure on what PSU to go for, Corsairs website listed that i go for any of their PSU ranging from 550W to 700W... I was going for thw 650TX v2, but i was hoping to get something a little cheaper, as the cheapest site i found with it has been out of stock with that PSU for a while now.... can anyone recomend any better/cheaper alternatives to this PSU that are on UK websites?
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  1. A good quality 550W PSU is sufficient for that build. The XFX PSUs are on sale here in the states. They're made by Seasonic and are awesome PSUs - get the 550W and you'll be good to go.
  2. rugger has hit the nail on the head with this, the XFX 550W will be great!
  3. will that cater to small graphics card upgrades in the future? or would i need to get a new psu as well?
  4. The XFX 550W can power any single card system on the street today....and some SLI/CF systems.
  5. thanks, so you think its the best option to go for? :o
  6. It's a great deal on a great get to make the final decision. ;)
  7. ok thank you ^^
  8. You're welcome and I do think it's a great option for you!
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