Quick question.

so these are the items i have so far.

gigabyte 990fxa ud3 mobo
16gb gskill ram 1600,
750w corsair psu
amd edition thermaltake mid tower

i have a OLD rig that im using right now that has the HDD that i will be transfering over to the new build till i get save up for a new cpu. but my question is, right now my old rig has a single core 2.7 ghz processer sempron i believe. (yeah i know) but could i transfer that over to my new rig so i just can get it up and running? would i see any bit of increase in proformance? could i overclock it? right now my bios doesnt let me do anything. idk why.
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  1. It's possible your board will boot up. You can back up your files using windows 7 first. I've never tried it, so I'm not sure how it's done (separate partition)? I've had good luck booting up with recent amd board changes when changing back and forth from nvidia to amd chipsets and vice versa.
  2. are you sure that CPU is compatible with that mobo?
  3. Sempron 140 would be compatable with your new board. Is that what you have?
  4. yes it says it supports semporn 100 series, and i have the sempron 140 2.7ghz,

    people say they can unlock a second core, so that would make it a little better.. yea id back up my files from my current system, which arent much since i just had to erase pretty much everything but a couple pictures.
    ---i might give it a try this weekend and see if it will boot up..
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