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Do you think I can run Skyrim on this laptop??

The CPU and the RAM seem to be enough to run skyrim but I was wondering about the GPU. This laptop has a core i7 Q720 @1.6ghz quad core with HT(8 total treads) 4Gb of RAM.
The GPU is GeForce 310M :( and this laptop is running at 1266x720 screen resolution.
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  1. Barely, but it should run at least.
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    it will runs. i have an i3 with GeForce 310M and it runs fine at low setting.
  3. okay thanks, as long as it runs it's fine. Gonna install it on my Desktop and my laptop soon as i get it =D.
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  5. it will barely run.
    the game uses only 2 cores and is basically clock speed dependent. even a i7 with 8 threads at 1.6ghz would be slow. very slow.
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