Help with Dell Inspiron 570 graphics uprade

Hey, i'm interested in upgrading my graphics card as the onboard one on my Inspiron 570 is useless. I'm interested in playing more games on my PC, especially after grabbing many on Steam sales over the past few months.

My specs are:

AMD Athlon™ II X4 Processor 630 2.8 GHz
Integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 Graphics
300w PSU

My budget for the card is about £100 tops. I have found this one:

I know that it says minimum power requirement is 400watts, but I have been reading that my onboard 300w power supply is under-rated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. With that power supply, I would go with a 5670. This card is known as the best (or one of) to be able to run on a 300W power supply. A 550Ti will most likely not run on a 300W PSU of any sort. The 5670 will allow you to play the latest titles (save for maybe BF3 and Skyrim) on medium graphics.

    Besides, the 550Ti is not really the best in class in that case, I would look into a 5770 or something.
  2. Cheers Deemo, what about upgrading the power supply aswell, which PSU that provides like 400-500w would you recommend?
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