Skyrim on a budget!

I need to upgrade my graphics card to play Elder Scroll V: Skyrim on my rather crappy computer and seeing how I am not a serious gamer ( I've just been waiting for Skyrim for so god damn long) I do not feel like shelling out hundreds to do so.

My current computer specs:

Pentium (R) Dual Core CPU E6500 @ 2.93 Ghz
Installed memory (RAM): 3.0 gig

As for everything else. I'm clueless with computers @_@.

I was just wondering, would the graphics card I posted above be able to play Skyrim at low setting smoothly? If not could anyone give me suggestions for decent cheap cards that may be better>
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  1. that card is more than sufficient for low settings.

    on low settings(AA and AF off), i get 50% GPU usage on my HD5470M mobile gpu.
    so a 6670 will definitely be smooth for low settings.

    i am more concerned about your cpu. skyrim is quite cpu dependent. i would suggest to OC your cpu as much as possible for a good gameplay.
    3.33ghz and higher should be OK.

    i dont think you can get more than 30 -ish FPS from that cpu at this speed, despite any GPU.

    and disable all shadows in settings. shadows are done by CPU in this game.
  2. OC the CPU? ( clueless :P ) +thanks for your input
  3. Further help would be appreciated :O I really wanna try to play Skyrim smoothly for a cheap price but I definitely need help >.<
  4. Of course you can play it smoothly. Just have reasonable expectations about your hardware. You'll be fine with that pair on low. I wouldn't doubt you being able to pull off medium. Beyond that, no.
  5. i can tell you, that with a core 2 duo @ 3ghz you will be dropping down below 25fps in populated towns. I have recently upgraded to a quad core and saw a slight improvement. The averages in the chart posted by mayankleoboy1 are not a good representation of what to expect. FPS in towns will be barely playable, not because of the graphics card, but because the game is so cpu dependant in many places. The gfx card you picked will be fine for medium settings. If you want it to play smoothly, get a core i3 2xxx or better, or perhaps just get a PS3.....
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