CF ATI with Nvidia driving separate monitors issue

So for a while now I've been driving 2 monitors off my CF 5850s. I only game on the 1080p display but I use the 1280x1024 display for monitoring apps while gaming, and of course just general stuff that is nice to have 2 monitors for.

Anyway, I noticed that simply running 2 displays off the 5850s seems to use an extra 50mb of VRAM or so. So I figured I could just plug the smaller monitor into the GT 240 to offload that.

So unfortunately I didn't really check first but basically I just installed the 11.11b Skyrim crossfire driver and when I rebooted and opened CCC, there is no longer a CFX option for me.

I'm going to try reverting back to both monitors off the ATI cards for now and see what happens but I guess the question is, does anyone know of a way to get it working with CFX cards on 1 monitor and then a 3rd card running the other monitor?
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  1. Update: Ok so I unplugged the monitor from the GT240 and plugged back into the 5850s. I then repaired the driver installation and rebooted. I then had the CFX option, so I enabled it. Then, I switched the 2nd monitor's input back to the GT240 and now it seems I have CFX enabled and the GT240 running the 2nd monitor.

    So, maybe it was just something screwy with how I installed it...
  2. Update 2: Quick tests show PhysX still working in Fluid Mark and CFX still working in Fur Mark.

    Also, still have *** scaling in Skyrim, so apparently 11.11b is crap =/
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