HD 5970 vs GTX 560 SLI?

I'm building a new computer and looking for a graphics card but I can't decide between these 2. I can get the 5970 for $299 and the 2 560's for the same price. What should I go with? Which one(s) will have better performance?
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  1. the 5970 would be a better deal. The 5970 = 2 5870s on one card. One 5870 ~= a gtx 565 if they had one. It gets about 3 fps better per card.
  2. The 6990 gets 762 fps in Guru3D's game test suite.... the 5970 gets about 16% less than the 6990.....or about 646 fps

    Twin 560 Ti's (900MHz) get 862 fps .....

    Twin 560's Ti's get 792 fps.

    Don't have data w/o the Ti
  3. You'll be getting approximately the same performance but I would suggest 2 GTX 560ti in SLI, the HD 5970 is loud and noise more hotter than any other card, you'll get it used that means it will be running as a vacuum machine and so hot.

    Besides, the HD 5970/6990 failed in some benchmarks dues to noise and heat issues, unfortunately no firmwares or drivers fixed those problems.

    Would be great if you're talking about the GTX 560 TI not the standard ones.
  4. if you see the simple logic ati 5000 series is for no good at this point of time i would suggest you that you go for the nvidia 560 however you will need some good amoiunt of space in your tower for that............and sound issues are there with the 560 as well
  5. I am talking about the standard ones. Another issue that has arised is the lack of customer support from DIAMOND. People say dont buy the 5970 from diamond.
  6. buy the nvidia 560 go for palit or evga you would be happy with the perfomance
  7. The 5970 would be the faster of the cards because the 560 regular edition sucks in comparison to the Ti's they have a large portion of the cores cut and the clock speeds are much lower. They are cheaper cards but the 5970 would have been the better deal.

    Although they are soldout and done with the deal for the 5970 so if you didnt buy it you wont be able to get it anymore.
  8. i would not say the 560 in sli sucks???

    that setup will provide 2 solid years of gaming.....flat out!!!
  9. True but the 5970 is still faster in performance over two NON TI 560s. The benches show that if you look up the benches.
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